Adoptable Dogs

Take a look at our current labs and lab mixes that are ready and eager for rehoming or adopting! 



Meet Louie, he is a 4-year-old chocolate neutered male Labrador retriever. Louie is a very fun loving family member that likes to hang out with his family when they are home or go away on small trips. Louie loves to fetch, swim, hike and just be a big play toy. But he can also lounge with the best couch potatoes in the house and loves doing it. He gives the best hugs when invited but is a well-mannered gentleman when needed. Louie has been reliably trained for over a year with his Name, Sit, Down, Come, Leave It, Give, Leash Walking and Wait. He can be trusted to have full roam in the house when you’re not home, which is a good thing because he hates to be confined to a crate or kennel. Louie enjoys the company of other dogs his size and has lived with them in the past.

Louie will need a home with experience dog owners because he guards his food. What you need to know about a dog that guards his food is it is a natural behavior but can be dangerous if not managed properly. Louie has gone through a behavior modification plan to help him trust people are not going to take his food. But this plan must be used for every person that is going to feed him. This is a life-long management plan that can not be compromised. Once he trusts you, he will trust you for life.

Because Louie guards his food he should not live in a home with children, dogs his size are okay, no small dogs or cats. Louie is at the perfect age, he is out of the puppy stage but still young enough to be active. Some have called him the perfect Lab! If you feel he is the dog for you, let us know so we can set up a time for you to meet him.


Hi, my name is Zeke. I am a 2.5-year-old neutered English Pointer with beautiful black markings. I am looking for a family that I can call my own. I had a rough start in life that made me anxious in social settings. I love being around people, matter of fact I prefer it. But if I don’t know what to expect I get anxious and start to nibble on you or your clothing. If I think I am going to get into trouble, it makes me more anxious and the nipping turns to arousal biting. Then I really get into trouble, but I can’t help it, I am scared. I found this really loving women and this rescue that found me a trainer that has helped me. I have been living with her for a few months learning how to appropriately interact with people, she promises she won’t let anyone hurt me ever again. I trust her and I am ready to find a family of my own. I will try really hard not to nip, but if I get anxious or stressed it might happen but all you have to do is be patient with me, I will learn to trust you too. I just want someone to love me as much as I love others.

I love car rides, especially when we are going for ice cream. I love to hike, run and play and go for walks to see the world. I am not a fan of water but I will tolerate baths because after all, I must look good for the ladies. I love to learn, in training I have learned all my manners such as my Name, Look, Sit, Down, Stand, Give, Leash Walking, Leave It, Wait and Come. I am very smart as you can tell. I am a great kisser and hugger and will show you every chance you give me. Even though I am close to 70 pounds, I still feel I should be in your lap when you are sitting so I hope you don’t mind.

Since stress is a trigger for my nipping I am looking for a calm home that can give me lots of exercise. One that doesn’t have children, cats or other dogs. I love people but also need my alone time with my owners. If you feel you could give me what I am looking for I love you already and want to meet you.


Type: Lab 

Age: 10 years

Bio: Hi my name is Clark.  I am 10 years young.  I was rescued from a shelter by Jax’s and I have been in my awesome foster home for about 2 and a half months.  I had some pretty bad skin issues when I first arrived but foster mom and dad have been giving me treatments and I almost all healed up.  I also had some skin tags on my one paw that have been removed and the Dr. said it was all good news and I am all healed now.  I am a black lab but have some chocolate in me too.  There are parts of my fur that are a nice silky chocolate brown color.  Even though I am 10 years old (and that is an estimate because I was a stray) I have plenty of energy for walks and play time in the yard.  I love my foster siblings, there are two one chocolate lab and one yellow lab and I get along great with both of them and will initiate play with them.  I still have a lot of love to give.  I will need to be on joint medication for the rest of my life and would prefer some good walks to keep me strong.  I am great on the leash and even off leash I will stay close to your side unless I see a deer or rabbit etc.  I do have prey drive like any lab.  I have never been crated in my foster, but I am sure I could be if needed but I would prefer to either be gated in a room or free roam.  I am great with free roam.  I am also housebroken.  I have not had exposure to young kids or cats so that is unknown and probably best to not have cats since I am a lab with a pretty good prey drive.  I am a loyal and loving companion that just wants someone to love me and keep me young at heart.  Foster mom says I love to just rub up against her or anyone for that matter and have them scratch and pet me.  My favorite spot to be is right by your side.  If you are looking for the most loyal and loving lab, then I am your guy. 


Clark (aka love bug)


Type: Lab Mix

Age: 2

Hi I'm Will.  I know probably the most handsome boy you have ever seen:) I am an adorable 2 year old lab mix.  I started my journey with Jax's on Superbowl Sunday and these two nice people came and picked me up from a shelter where I was not going to make it out of.  I am a sweet lap dog that loves human attention.  Although I am  not mean to other dogs I prefer to be the only dog in the household.  I was never taught how to behave around other dogs and I am told that I can be rude (I can't believe that but whatever).  I am unknown with cats and small children would be an issue with me because i can have a lot of energy.  I can also be very chill at times just hanging out with people.  I just love attention, did I say that already?  Well in case you forgot I really do.  I love to cuddle and play.  I am getting really good at retrieving a ball and I love stuffed toys to play with but I have to be supervised with them because I like to chew them apart.  The lady that has been training me says I am super cute and awesome, which I already knew:) If you are looking for a running/hiking partner I am your guy.  I can also watch movies with you too if you like.  I am on the smaller side around 50 lbs.  I am neutered and up to date on all my shots and just an all around healthy guy. 




AGE: 10 

BIO: Max is one cool dog.  He is around 10 years old but you would never know it.  He still has alot of spunk but can also chill with you as well. He is super sweet and will make such an awesome companion.  Max loves tennis balls and loves to retrieve I guess that is the lab in him. He is healthy, neutered, housebroken and ready to give lots of love to his new family.  Max has been crated when he was younger and should be fine in a crate but he is good with full roam of the house as well.  He has been gated in certain areas before and always respects the gate and will not try to jump or knock the gate down.  He is happy laying on a nice comfy blanket or dog bed where ever you are. Max should be the only dog in the house, but LOVES to give hugs- he leans into your legs and that is how he hugs you.  He has a beautiful coat with awesome markings and those ears!!!! How can you not fall for this guy??? Please consider giving this guy a home.  You wont regret it.